Patlekhet Eco

Welcome to our farmhouse sanctuary, where the beauty of the countryside and the warmth of our hospitality combine to create unforgettable memories

Welcome to our charming Nepalese-style farmhouse, nestled amidst the pristine beauty of nature, just 11km beyond Dhulikhel. With convenient road access and nearby hiking trails originating from Dhulikhel town, our farmhouse offers both tranquility and adventure.

Immerse yourself in the serene landscape, where every corner beckons moments of pure relaxation. Our warm and welcoming family members ensure a memorable stay, making our countryside retreat the perfect setting for celebrations and holidays alike.

Explore the farmhouse
An oasis of relaxation

Farmhouse stay Package

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The Farmhouse

Indulge in The Farmhouse Experience: A Full Spectrum of Internal Services Offered by Our Warm and Hospitable Team.

Inclusive Amenities

  • Wi-Fi
  • Campfire
  • Patlekhet village tour
  • Attached bathroom
  • Hot shower

Tailor Your Experience

  • Permaculture workshop
  • Namobuddha hiking
  • Dhulikhel zipline
  • Bird watching
  • Pickup/Drop facilities


Step into Comfort: Explore Our Rooms and Find Your Perfect Retreat.


Endless Adventures

To elevate your stay, immerse yourself in our handpicked selection of activities,
tailored to enhance every moment of your visit.


Permaculture Workshop

Join us for an immersive Permaculture Workshop where you'll delve deep into sustainable farming practices. Gain hands-on experience, learn innovative techniques, and discover how to integrate these principles seamlessly into your daily life.


Bird Watching

Immerse Yourself in the Tranquility of Nature as You Observe the Majestic Flight of Birds. Let Each Encounter Enrich Your Soul and Bring a Sense of Serenity to Your Day. Explore the Delights of Bird Watching and Reconnect with the Beauty of the Natural World.


Namobuddha Hiking

Experience the Tranquility of Nature on a Scenic 4km Trek from Our Farmhouse to the Sacred Grounds of Buddhist Pilgrimage. Discover Spiritual Renewal Amidst the Serenity of the Journey.


Patlekhet Village Tour

Immerse Yourself in the Rich Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Living Practices of Nepal. Embark on a Permaculture Expose and Explore the Enchanting Traditions of Nepalese Village Life. Enriching Your Experience with Authentic Insights and Heartwarming Encounters.


Dhulikel 1000 Steps Hike

Embark on a Memorable 6.4km Journey from Our Farmhouse to the Revered Kali Temple, Situated Atop a Serene Hill. Experience the Tranquility of Nature and the Spiritual Aura of this Sacred Site as You Ascend the Thousand Steps.


Camp Fire

Gather Around the Warm Glow of the Fire, Where Music and Dance Ignite the Spirit of Celebration. Let the Crackling Flames and Rhythmic Beats Create an Atmosphere of Joy and Togetherness, Making Each Moment Unforgettable. Join Us for an Evening of Shared Stories, Laughter, and Bonding Under the Starlit Sky.